Chemical Inhibitors for Corrosion Control

August 19, 2019

Authors; E.S. Beardwood, J.K. Therrien, HEAT EXCHANGER FOULING MITIGATION AND CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES, Pages 220 to 244. Editor: Prof. H. Muller-Steinhagen, PUBLICO Publication, Copyright 2000, ISBN 3-934736-00-9

ABSTRACT: An overview of the most commonly used corrosion inhibitors will be provided. The inhibitors will be blocked into their various classes and the generalized mode of action will be discussed. Consideration for synergism in team building of blends along with adjustments to their environment; working windows, will be offered. These corrosion inhibitors may find their way into cooling water, boiler water, process streams, cleaning solutions, metal working fluids, vapor, solid or semi-permeable film coating applications. Potentially new/greening corrosion inhibitors search quantification is also proposed.