Consulting services available for water treatment suppliers and users from BC&T Inc are either strategic or tactical in nature.

BC&T Inc Provides

  • Asset life extension.
  • Avoidance of forced production outages caused by corrosion and fouling, including biofouling in heat transfer / heat rejection equipment and transport systems.
  • Water, chemical and energy reductions through optimization of unit processes handling industrial water and steam. River to River (Influent Water Clarification, Filtration Systems, Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis and Other Membrane Based Systems, Boiler Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment, In-Process Applications and Reuse, Waste Water Treatment, Activated Sludge Systems, Sludge Dewatering and Final Effluent Quality).
  • Process side throughput and product quality improvements are also experienced.
  • Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase in profitability.
  • Product line consolidations, lowering the amount of raw materials and increasing the volumes of others to qualify for pricing discounts. Concurrent reduction in paper work associated with product line maintenance (formulation sheets, quality control, MSDS, PDS, government approvals and environmental compliance).
  • Identification of product line gaps and correction with fillers from out-sourced finished goods or the internal development of chemical products and services to increase market share and sales volumes.
  • Reduction in Total Operating Costs (TOC) and increased profitability.


A number of strategic ideations transferred to concepts and capabilities within your organization may be found in these examples of competencies provided by BC&T Inc, namely:

  • Vetting third party products and services for inclusion into the client’s business plans.
  • Determining gaps in product and service offerings when compared to their industry competitors.
  • Defining products and services (concepts) that would improve the client’s value proposition within the industry they serve.
  • Converting these concepts into an organizational capability of both field support and applications.
  • Providing assistance in experimental design, data review and implications through to deducing the next steps forward within the incremental R&D process of product development.
  • Developing project specifications and design reviews.
  • Providing field validation design and assistance of new products and services. Defining real world application guardrails as well as performance expectations, predicted upon this work.
  • Developing performance based and knowledge based [artificial intelligence] chemical control logic.
  • Developing operating and control manuals for pretreatment, ion exchange, boiler feedwater, boiler water, steam purity and condensate return waters as well as open and closed cooling systems and reactor waters. The same applies to any third party or organically developed equipment to be marketed.
  • Providing studies for both Program and Process Improvement.
  • Developing and delivering specific and specialized training materials for laboratory, R&D,  and technical applications support staff. Selective training for sales professionals on the same matter to aid in business retention as well as capturing competitively held business.
  • Assisting in patent applications and handling of patent examiner objections.
  • Assisting in technical society paper productions and presentations.
  • Building “Best Practices” discipline into the culture of the organization. Providing training for a minimum of all customer facing personnel (i.e. sales, marketing, R&D and technical applications support). The customer obtaining precisely what he needs and what he has paid for.


Tactical consultation provided by BC&T Inc could include, but not be limited to, a number of these examples associated with the pursuit of competitively held business or the solidification of existing business. Such expertise can be found in the following examples:

  • Instituting site audits of water treatment programs; regulatory, environmental health and safety emphasis included.
  • Confirming site water balances and resolving possible issues.
  • Resolving existing customer performance issues on a mechanical design, operational, chemical and chemistry level. Fully holistic.
  • Providing inspection support.
  • Providing Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning support.
  • Supporting both Pre and Post Cleaning and Passivation.
  • Identifying performance issues, in order to generate an interest and a need for resolution.
  • Providing validation program outlines to prove the recommended actions have resolved the performance issues and that they will no longer occur in the future.
  • Reviewing metallographic failure analysis, done by others, and determining the root cause of failure. Then providing recommendations for resolution, complete with, a validation testing plan to ensure total resolution with no future re-occurrences.
  • Developing contingency plans to handle up-set conditions.
  • Providing pretreatment reviews and calculated solutions to improve performance of influent equipment such as clarifiers, filters, membrane processes, ion exchange and deaeration. Increasing throughputs at both lower leakage rates and reagent chemical consumption rates.
  • Providing assistance in the due diligence of purchase of other businesses and their integration into the existing framework. This also includes product rationalization, raw materials cost outs, and a time table for a number of product deletions and their predetermined replacements without customer base loss.
  • Providing assistance in WHMIS and TDG classifications and associated label with MSDS generation for new and or existing chemical products.
  • Providing reviews and recommendations to corporate management and lawyers associated potential law suits up to and including discovery.
  • Expert witness.

Company Background

BC&T Inc is a global industrial water treatment consulting practice founded by Edward S. Beardwood, who has had previous strategic and tactical assignments and projects associated with products, services and their applications.

He maintains global reach within the industrial water treatment industry.  See the founder’s profile at

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