Consensus on Pre-Commissioning Stages for Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Power Plants; an ASME Research Report

January 18, 2021

Author: Edward S. Beardwood, International Water Conference 2017, Paper No. IWC 17-13, Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania,

ABSTRACT: The Combined Cycle Task Group for the Water Technology Subcommittee of the ASME Research and Technology Committee On Water and Steam in Thermal Systems has prepared a 90 page report regarding Pre-Commissioning [ASME, 2017] and is now available to the public. This paper will introduce the elements of the consensus report and highlight some of its features. The document provides guidance on design, procurement, and pre-commissioning activities that will result in the construction of a plant with steam/water-wetted surfaces that are as clean and corrosion-free as practical. Issues can surface during the commissioning of a combined cycle power plant that cause unintended delays, cost overruns, increased post start-up maintenance, and depreciation of equipment.  Consensus recommendations have been developed to minimize these risks and improve long-term reliability. The material contained in the document are also transportable and transferable to other steam generation systems.