Detection and Reduction of Biofilms in Industrial Cooling Waters

August 19, 2019

Authors: E. S. Beardwood, J. K. Therrien. International Water Conference 1999. Paper Number IWC 99-71. Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania,

ABSTRACT: Biofouling has always been a concern in industrial water and process systems. Increased pumping rates, reduced heat transfer and heat rejection, higher energy consumption, malodors, dermatological and pathogenic effects, and materials of construction corrosion represent a number of the industrial concerns. Of these concerns, avoidance of corrosion and subsequent forced outages carries the highest priority. Biofilms or foulants with the exclusion of inorganic insitu crystallization, ultimately lead to localized corrosion.  The biofilm build process, it’s detection and the filed performance of various oxidants, organic biocides and biodispersants in biofilm reductions will be illustrated and discussed here-in.