Development of Performance-Based Control Technology for Cooling Water Treatment

August 20, 2019

Authors: E. S. Beardwood, M. Pantazes. International Water Conference 2002, Paper Number IWC 02-29. Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania,

ABSTRACT: When dealing with open evaporative cooling water systems, there is two performance parameters of primary concern, corrosion and fouling.  On-line monitoring of either would appear to be independent.  By dividing the various forms of corrosion and fouling into subsets, interdependency can be established.  This analysis, combined with the real-time dynamics of the cooling system, provides a link between Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Operating Indicators (KOI).  The real-time, linkage can be harnessed to stepwise adjustments of controlled parameters such as blowdown, pH, oxidant, non-oxidizing biocides, dispersants, deposit control and corrosion control additives in order to maintain corrosion and fouling within their respective user defined control ranges.