Effective, Chemical-Free Microbiological Control for Industrial Cooling Water Systems

January 18, 2021

Authors; Joanne Kuchinski, Linda Rusznak, Edward S. Beardwood, Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference 2005, Houston, Texas. Paper NO. TP05-19.

Abstract; The paper discusses the use of Ultrasound and micro air bubbles to control planktonic and sessile biological activity within recirculatory cooling water systems. Both sound frequency (1.8 MHz) and air bubble micron size (contrast agent) are important in achieving the required stress on the micro organism externally and internally of the cell wall. This results in poration of the cell wall and an increase ATP consumption associated with the injury of the cell wall. Continuous batch processing of the system water volume is also another application criteria. The number of system volumes re-processed within the apparent retention time of the system hydraulics determines the amount of population reduction at a fixed level of nutrients in the cooling water. Field test results are presented.