Feedwater and Deaeration within Industrial Steam Generating Systems

August 20, 2019

Author: E. S. Beardwood. International Water Conference 2016, Paper Number IWC 16-54. Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania,

ABSTRACT: Dissolved oxygen control in boiler feedwater is required to inhibit corrosion of carbon steel and copper alloy materials in industrial steam water cycles. The principals of thermomechanical and chemical deaeration of steam generator feedwaters will be covered. Tray type and spray type deaerators and other degasification equipment will be discussed. The capabilities of available oxygen scavenger/reducing agent products are presented. Methods for general, localized, flow assisted corrosion control and generating metal surface passivation are discussed. Plant best practices and troubleshooting for operational control to avoid feedwater and overall steam generation system corrosion are presented.

Also published in ULTRAPURE WATER November 2017; ISSN:0747-8291 copyright.  Published as “Keys to Successful Feedwater and Deaeration in Industrial Steam-Generating Systems”.