Implications of Various Dispersants on Biofilm Clean-Up Processes

August 19, 2019

Authors: E. S. Beardwood, J. K. Therrien. NACE Corrosion 1999, Paper No. 301, NACE International, Publications Division, 1440 South Creek Drive, Houston, Texas, 77084, USA.

ABSTRACT: A microbiologically fouled industrial cooling water system was investigated utilizing a portable corrosion and fouling monitor according to the NACE RPO189-95 standard. Baseline data was established of the “in the wild” grown biofilm and then the monitor was subjected to various dispersants (3) typically used for organic and microbiological deposit removal. The results of this in-filed, side stream, experiment on a dynamic system will be presented. A number of key points and factors influencing the performance of the foulant clean-up will also be discussed.