Novel, Chemical-Free Microbiological Control Program Maintains Total System Cleanliness

August 20, 2019

Authors: E. S. Beardwood, R. Moore, J. Kuchinski. International District Energy Association (IDEA), 18th Campus Energy Conference, March 10, 2005.

ABSTRACT: Maintaining effective microbiological control in cooling water systems is critical to optimizing system efficiencies and maximizing equipment life.  However, due to a wide range of reasons involving environmental discharge issues, worker safety concerns, storage, troublesome feed equipment and impact on system metallurgy, the desire to minimize and even eliminate chemical microbiocides is becoming typical. A novel, non-chemical means of maintaining system microbiological control has been successfully developed and effectively applied to open recirculating cooling water systems.  The process involves the unique and practical application of ultrasound and provides both planktonic and sessile biological control.  This paper describes the treatment process as well as the advantages and benefits achieved by maintaining system cleanliness.