Novel Ultrasonic Microbiological Control System from Ashland Improves Cooling Water Treatment Performance

August 20, 2019

Authors: J. Chapman, F. Florio, C. Edward, E. S. Beardwood. Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference 2016, Houston, Texas, February 5-9, 2012, Paper NO. TP12-04

ABSTRACT: Improving worker safety, employing environmentally responsible technologies and managing costs are key objectives in water treatment program selection for many industrial facilities. Ultrasonic technology is a non-chemical treatment approach that successfully meets these objectives. This paper reviews the application of ultrasonic technology and its use in the development of Sonoxide™ ultrasonic water treatment systems. Additional topics include in-depth reviews of laboratory studies on the affect of Sonoxide on algae, planktonic and sessile bacteria; as well as more recent laboratory studies. Finally, this paper discusses practical applications of Sonoxide in a commercial HVAC refrigeration condenser cooling system and a specialty chemical manufacturing facility process cooling water system that highlight Sonixide’s key benefits, which include the elimination of traditional chemical biocide feed, storage and handling; improved cooling tower cleanliness; reduced corrosion; and water saving of millions of gallons of water per year.