Operational Control and Maintenance Integrity of Typical and Atypical Coil Tube Steam Generation Systems

August 20, 2019

Author: E. S. Beardwood. NACE Corrosion 1999, Paper No. 338, NACE International, Publications Division, 1440 South Creek Drive, Houston, Texas, 77084, USA.

ABSTRACT: Coil tube steam generators are low water volume to boiler horsepower (bhp) rating, rapid steaming units which occupy substantially less space per boiler horsepower than equivalent conventional fire tube and water tube boilers. These units can be retrofitted into existing steam systems with relative ease and are more efficient than the generators they replace.During the early 70’s they became a popular choice for steam generation in commercial, institutional and light to medium industrial applications. Although these boiler designs do not required skilled or certified operators, an appreciation for a number of operational conditions that result in lower unscheduled maintenance, increased reliability and availability cycles would be beneficial to facility owners, managers and operators. Conditions which afford lower operating and maintenance costs will be discussed from a practical point of view. An overview of boiler design and operation is also included. Pitfalls are provided for operational and idle conditions. Water treatment application, as well as, steam system operations not conducive to maintaining long term system integrity; with resolutions, will be addressed.