Redefining Cooling Water Treatment

August 19, 2019

Authors; E.S. Beardwood, K.M. Gottschalk. International Water Conference 2000. Paper Number IWC 00-35. Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania,

ABSTRACT:   Laboratory development to field deployment of a family of cooling water corrosion and fouling inhibitors under dynamic hydrothermal conditions and the continuously KOI / KPI monitoring is outlined. The product line was designed to be “inherently biodegradable”, low in phosphorous (less than 1 ppm as “PO4”), while providing acceptable performance in highly corrosive waters (high Larson Skold values) and highly fouling stressed waters (high saturation indices waters). The application guardrails (KOI’s) were determined in the field and  methodology and on-line KOI/KPI data are illustrated. Both insitu and exsitu crystallization fouling were avoided under stressed heat transfer conditions (Up to 180 deg F surface temperature and low shear stress at 2 ft/sec velocity). Cooling tower fill deposition was also removed on-line due to the degree of surfactancy of the blend. This attribute also enhanced biofilm and localized corrosion control abilities. The corrosion fouling inhibitory performance of this family of advanced additives was found to exceed the standards used in the industry, thus “redefining cooling water treatment”.